GFN Award | 2015

In 2015, with GFN support, Ecozine Film Festival hosted the second edition of the GFN Award in Zaragoza, Spain (May 7th-16th, 2015).

Fifteen members of the network presented a documentary selected in their 2014 selection and produced in their own country, to show the diversity and the strength of environmental documentary creations around the world. The 15 members was:

  1. Cine’Eco – Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental da Serra da Estrela(Seia, PORTUGAL)

  2. CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival(Turin, ITALY)

  3. Cinema Planeta – Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente de México(Cuernavaca, MEXICO)

  4. DokuFest – International Documentary and Short Film Festival(Prizren, KOSOVO)

  5. ECOCUP – Green Documentary Film Festival(Moscow-Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA)

  6. Ecozine Film Festival – Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente de Zaragoza (Zaragoza, SPAIN)

  7. Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital(Washington, D.C., USA)

  8. Festcineamazônia – Festival Latino Americano de Cinema Ambiental(Porto Velho, BRAZIL)

  9. FIFE – Festival International du Film d’Environnement(Paris, FRANCE)

  10. FReDD Festival – Film, Recherche et Développement Durable(Toulouse, FRANCE)

  11. Green Up Film Festival(Bruxelles, BELGIUM)

  12. INFF – Innsbruck Nature Film Festival(Innsbruck, AUSTRIA)

  13. Pelicam International Film Festival(Tulcea, ROMANIA)

  14. Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival(Toronto, CANADA)

  15. San Francisco Green Film Festival(San Francisco, USA)

The Movies:
Each festival presented a movie of their own country (some festivals of their own geographic area) made after January 2012. Each festival uploaded the movie into digital format, in English or with English subtitles, in the internet platform that CinemAmbiente provided for the award. Have been submitted 15 documentaries from 12 countries (4 films more than in the last edition):

  1. Neram N´Dok(Cine’Eco, PORTUGAL)
  2. Capo e croce(CinemAmbiente, ITALIA)
  3. Café(Cinema Planeta, MEXICO)
  4. The Last Black Sea Pirates(DokuFest, KOSOVO)
  5. Captain is always Captain(ECOCUP, RUSSIA)
  6. La mujer y el agua(Ecozine, SPAIN)
  7. Mission Blue(EFF in the Nation’s Capital, USA)
  8. O veneno está na mesa(Festcineamazônia, BRAZIL)
  9. Are Vah!(FIFE, FRANCE)
  10. La panification des Mœurs(Fredd Festival, FRANCE)
  11. LoveMEATender(Green Up Film Festival, BELGIUM)
  12. Billion Dollar fish(INFF, AUSTRIA)
  13. Pipeline(Pelicam, ROMANIA)
  14. Just Eat It(Planet in Focus, CANADA)
  15. Come Hell or Hig Water: The battle for Turkey Creek(San Francisco Green Film Festival, USA)

Some selected international jury members related to the world of cinema and environment have been watched the environmental documentaries proposed by the festivals of the network. The Jury was composed by:

  1. Karen Topakian (USA)
  2. Vitor Roque (PORTUGAL)
  3. Raul Cazan (ROMANIA)
  4. Claudia Apostolo (ITALY)
  5. Andreas Jedinger (AUSTRIA)
  6. Elena Surovikina (RUSSIA)
  7. Bert Poffé (BELGIUM)
  8. Mark Terry (CANADA)
  9. Visar Azemi (KOSOVO)
  10. Klaus Michor (AUSTRIA)
  11. Stéphane Roumieux  (BELGIUM)
  12. Elena Smimova (RUSSIA)
  13. Rosa Mª Calaf (SPAIN)
  14. Daniel Cristino (BRAZIL)
  15. Alma Rossbach (MEXICO)
  16. Tim Zimmermann  (USA)
  17. Laure Nouhalhat (FRANCE)
  18. Raquel Monton (SPAIN)
  19. Jose Ribamar Bessa Freire (BRAZIL)
  20. Michelle Ivaben (MEXICO)
  21. Jose Conde (PORTUGAL)
  22. Dan Curean (ROMANIA)
  23. Enrica Capra (ITALY)

The location and time for the award ceremony of the 2nd Green Film Network Award was the opening night of Ecozine Film Festival in Zaragoza (May 7th, 2015). The winner was granted with 5000 Euro. And the winner of the Green Film Network Award 2015 is:



In many parts of the world, it falls to women to collect water, and so they become responsible for their family’s health, after abandoning school at a very early age. They are also the first to suffer when faced with scarcity. Drawing a parallel between the cycles of life and the cycles of water, the documentary analyzes the relationship of women and water and raises one of the issues we will be examining more frequently in the future: who has the right to water, when it is scarce?

From right, Pedro Piñeiro Fuente (Ecozine Director), Juan José Vázquez (Zaragoza Cultural CEO), Gaetano Capizzi (GFN President), Nocem Collado (“La mujer y el agua” Director), Raquel Montón and Rosa Mª Calaf (two members of the GFN Jury).