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About Us

The Green Film Network (GFN) is an international organization of the major annual film festivals that  focus on environmental issues.

The network objective is to COORDINATE the events of the member festivals, PROMOTE AND DISTRIBUTE FILMS worldwide and ENCOURAGE INITIATIVES AND PROJECTS that raise awareness about the environment.


The network is a forum where member festivals can exchange and share information, cinematographic experiences and services worldwide. The aim is to create an international network that raises environment awareness through the power of film. These meetings also provide an opportunity to improve artistic and professional skills and connections, and boost the promotion of filmmakers.


The GFN gives top films of the various festivals the opportunity to be shared by other members and to be programmed in different festivals and countries, ensuring they are seen and appreciated by a wider audience. The network is an important way to widely distribute powerful films dealing with environmental issues.


The network is not only cinema. Each festival that joins the network takes an active part in achieving projects, setting up workshops, holding debates and events, completing joint activities, and commits itself to work with the others to lay the foundations for discussion and research various ways to raise awarness about the environment through the power of film. The goal is to foster a new “culture” that pays greater attention to the relationships between man and his natural, social and cultural environments.