Festival's Basic Information

Festival name

ECOCUP International Green Documentary Film Festival

Festival's short name
Foundation year


General contact email
Name and contact of the Director or organizers max. 3 persons.

Natalia Paramonova, executive director – festival@ecocup.ru

Name of the programmer(s)

Alena Shnaider,  program director –  festival@ecocup.ru


Moscow, other cities of Russia

Awards of the last edition (award-winning films) film, country, director

X ECOCUP Award winning film: “Great Green Wall” by Jarred P. Scott, UK, 2019/
Jury Special Mention: “Ghost Fleet” by Shannon Service, USA, 2018
Jury Special Mention: “Anthropocene The Human Epoch” by Edward Burtynsky, Canada, 2018

Categories and genres

Full-length, medium length documentaries

How many screenings do you have in extra activities in addition to the festival?

Depends on number of active cities during the year, but usually 5-10 cities, 6 films per city.

How many sections does the festival have -competition and out of competition


Other non-cinematographic activities of the festival: panels, conferences, etc.

Panels, discussions
Mini-courses / fun activities like thematic costume parties
Waste-food dinners.

Does the festival have an educational section/activities?
Does the festival have a market or industry activities?
Average of feature films during the festival
Average of documentaries during the festival
Average of animation films during the festival
How many prizes or competitive sections does the festival have?


In how many cities does the festival happen?


How many films have been programmed in all the festival throughout all its editions?


In how many venues does the festival take place? How many private vs public.

2 main venues in Moscow, 1 main venue in Saint-Petersburg

How many screenings are held during the festival and how many during the Tour.

40 during the festival, 50 during the tour.

Festival Dates

Festival Dates

April 1, 2022

Next open call date (from)

October 1, 2021

Next open call date (to)

January 31, 2022

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General contact email

Festival short description

Starting with 2010 ECOCUP has been one of the rare projects to bring to Russia and CIS-countries the most actual environmental documentaries. With the main edition in Moscow, during the year festival "travels" to cities and towns of the country, acting as a "platform" for local green communities to come together. In 10 years festival took place in more then 20 cities of Russia and 10 cities of CIS-countries. Together with film program ECOCUP holds varieties of discussions and panels on "hot" environmental topics, bringing together Russian and international experts. Core festival team  actively work in the field of sustainability and social issues, including executive director being pronounced journalist, head of furnishing - leading the first charity shop in Russia and others. Starting with 2020 festival moves some parts of the events online, striving to across-cities organization.

Categories and genres

Full-length, medium length documentaries