In recent years, an increased awareness of environmental problems and a significant increase in the production of environmental films has led to the emergence of numerous environmental film festivals.

The creation of the Green Film Network (GFN), a network of environmental film festivals, provides a great opportunity to share experiences from both an artistic and organizational standpoint. Each festival has its own personality, but we can work together to bring environmental issues to the attention of the entire world.

We hope that the network can be a resource and reference for international institutions, directors and producers. The network is inclusive in spirit, and new festivals are invited to become members.

1. Why join the GFN?

To contribute to the common effort of promoting environmental culture. To gain increased recognition by the international festival community. To strengthen the international presence of your festival. To benefit from the exchange of ideas, experiences and methods with other members. To qualify for promotional tools, such as the network’s website (greenfilmnet.org), links to and from the sites of other members, and network publications. To support environmental films and their directors.

2. How much does the membership cost?

GFN asks for a small membership fee to help cover the costs of producing and updating a flyer, and maintaining and updating the network website. The membership fee is 200 euro per year.

3. Who can join the GFN?

Membership is open to any environmental film festival, or any film festival with an environmental section, that subscribes to the principles and practices of GFN described in its charter.

The festival must be in existence for at least two years, have a website with an English version, and agree to include the GFN Members’s logo on its homepage.

4. How to join the GFN?

Approval will be granted on the basis of the festival’s track record, the regularity and continuity of festival events, and other basic information.

If you want to join the network please do the following:

– Send a written request, and a brief written presentation of your festival and your plans for the future, by email to the current president of the network, Gaetano Capizzi (capizzi@cinemambiente.it)

– Send a copy of the festival catalog or other publications, and a link to your festival’s current website.