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1. What is the Green Film Network?

The Green Film Network (GFN) brings together some of the major film festivals that happen annually around the globe with focus on environmental issues.

The GFN is a non-profit, cultural Association and is intended to:

  • create an international network of cinema festivals with an environmental theme in order to harmonise and coordinate the activities of the participating festivals.
  • promote audiovisual products with ecological and environmental themes and encourage initiatives regarding the preservation of the natural, social and cultural environment.
  • spread and promote with events, debates, publications, television appearances, the international artistic and cultural production, in particular cinema, musical and literary works.
  • realise audiovisual events and activities in order to contribute to the growth of a culture that is aware of the relationship between man and the natural, social and cultural environment.

2. Where is the Headquarters of the Green Film Network

The GFN has registered Headquarters in Innsbruck: 

Meranerstr. 5
A-6020 Innsbruck

3. Why join the GFN

Over the last few years, the increased awareness of environment issues, and a significant boom in the production of environmental films has led to the springing up of several other festivals of the same ilk.

The network’s driving spirit is one of receptiveness and involvement and we therefore warmly invite the new festivals to become part of it.

The creation of a widespread network of environmental festivals opens up a great opportunity to share cinematographic experiences that are very often very mixed ones. Each festival has its very own personality, but all the festivals can work in unison to bring the whole world’s attention to focus on the environment issue.

We hope that the network will become increasingly an international focal point for institutions, film directors and producers.

4. How much does the membership cost?

The GFN asks for an annual membership fee of € 200 to keep up operations and to produce and update the GFN website.

5. Who can join the GFN?

Membership to the GFN is open to any environmental film festival that subscribes to the principles and practices as recognized by the GFN and described in its charter. The festival must already have passed its second edition. The GFN values the territoriality of its members: If your festival is taking place in a country/city that already features a GFN member festival, please get in touch with the GFN partner from your country/city first.

6. How to join the GFN? 

To become a member of the GFN, a festival must have at least two years of life and to be introduced by two members of the network. We ask members to put the GFN logo on their website and print one or two pages of the GFN on their catalog.

7. What is the Green Film Network Award?

The GFN introduced the Green Film Network Award, the equivalent of an Oscar in the environmental cinema, to single out the best film out of all the winning films of the previous year’s festivals associated to the network.

The members of GFN have to present a documentary selected in their annual selection and produced in their own country, to show the diversity and the strength of environmental documentary creations around the world. Each year a festival, supported by the GFN, hosts the Green Award event. An international jury have to watch the films on a private platform and award one of the documentaries.

GFN wishes to support documentary creations and to aware the widest audience around the world about environmental and social issues.