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1.1 Organization of the Green Film Network (GFN)

The Green Film Network (GFN) is an international organization of major annual film festivals that focus on environmental issues. The GFN is a non-profit cultural Association. The GFN promotes exchange, communication and collaboration regarding environmental issues via film.  The GFN was founded in Torino, Italy, and currently has its headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria.

The GFN coordinates its activities through e-mail and internet, regular meetings and special events. Membership to the GFN is open to any environmental film festival that subscribes to the principles and practices as recognized by the GFN and described in our Statute.

1.2 Objectives of the GFN

The network objectives are to:

  1. coordinate the events of the member festivals;

  2. promote and distribute top films worldwide;

  3. encourage initiatives and projects that raise awareness about the environment.

1.3 Activities of the GFN

The GFN is intended to:

  1. Create an international network of film festivals with an environmental focus and to share and coordinate activities of member festivals.

  2. Promote audiovisual products with environmental themes and encourage initiatives regarding the preservation of the natural, social and cultural environment.

  3. Promote events, debates, publications, television appearances, the international artistic and cultural production, in particular cinema, musical and literary works.

  4. Coordinate audiovisual events and activities to contribute to the awareness of the relationship between man and the natural, social and cultural environment.

1.4 The soul of the GFN

Throughout the year, in various part of the world, there are many environmental film festivals — from Seoul to Zaragoza, from Toronto to Rio de Janeiro, from Washington to Borneo, from Moscow to Buenos Aires.

The idea of the Green Film Network originated in informal contacts between festival coordinators. It was inspired by the shared goal of environmental films festivals to showcase films dedicated to the awareness of environmental issues, to promote the activities of individual festivals and to expand existing synergies and coordination between festivals.

Not only is the cinema an art form, but it is also a powerful means of communication, an exceptional way of representing reality using a visual journey especially to younger generations. The words, images and sounds of film create awareness while conveying a message.

The GFN, with its member environmental film festivals, uses the power of film to awaken people’s awareness of global and regional environmental concerns, and is a catalyst for reflection and a vehicle for values and knowledge.

This global awareness brought about through the GFN is an essential factor in the process of growth and change, which cannot be put into effect simply with technical solutions, but must be accompanied by an overall transformation in general behavior. Our interest in ourselves must be connected with our interest for others and the environment.

Our goal is to create a network that raises and promotes environmental awareness. Our dream is that there will be an environmental film festival in every country.