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Ladislav Miko / Pavlína Vidnerová /   Jitka Kotrlová

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Jitka Kotrlová



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102 00

Awards of the last edition (award-winning films) film, country, director

The Main Prize of the Minister of the Environment /KIFARU/USA/2019
The Prize of the President of the Festival Ladislav Miko/CZECH PROTECT BISONS IN BOHEMIA/CZ/2018
Beauty of Nature/QUEEN WITHOUT LAND/NO/2018
Central European Films/SPIRIT OF JAGUAR/SK/2018
Short films/STOLEN APES/USA/2018

Categories and genres

Beauty of Nature
Central European Films
Short films

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In how many venues does the festival take place? How many private vs public.


How many screenings are held during the festival and how many during the Tour.

Cca 12

Festival Dates

Festival Dates

October 14, 2020

Next open call date (from)

February 1, 2021

Next open call date (to)

May 1, 2021

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Festival short description

EKOFILM is an international film festival about the environment, natural and cultural heritage. It brings a wide range of viewers the latest findings about the condition of nature and the environment in various countries of the world and in many cases facts about dealing with serious issues. EKOFILM is gaining increasing acclaim at international level. It is among the oldest environmental film festivals in the world and is a significant platform for encounters between the general public and film creators, experts and the state administration.

Categories and genres

Documentaries, Fiction Animation Beauty of Nature Central European Films Short films