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    Awards of the last edition (award-winning films) film, country, director

    3 Grand Prix :

    • SPOT Competition: The Unknown Heroes 
      • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi France
      • Sponsor: ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)
      • Producer: Prodigious
      • Director: Stéphane Barbato
      • Country: France
    • INFO Competition: Love
      • Sponsor: WWF Deutschland
      • Producer: WWF Deutschland
      • Director: Anne Thomas
      • Country: Germany
    • DOCU Competition: Carbon: The Unuathorised Biography
      • Producer : Lucy Maclaren, Niobe Thompson, Sonya Pemberton
      • Country : Australia

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    Categories and genres

    There are 3 competitions: DOCU + INFO + SPOT

    And 15 catagories :

    1. Fight and Adaptation to Climate Change
    2. Preservation of the Biodiversity
    3. Seas, oceans, and water environments
    4. The energy transition
    5. Agriculture and sustainable resources: soils, seas and forests
    6. Housing, territories and living environment
    7. Means of transportation et eco-mobility
    8. Eco-tourism and Responsible Travel
    9. Sustainable Production and the Circular Economy
    10. Responsible Consumption and Eco-labels
    11. Quality of Life
    12. Organisations and Social Responsibility
    13. Humanitarian action and solidarity
    14. Human Rights
    15. Innovations and Technological Leaps
    How many screenings do you have in extra activities in addition to the festival?

    For several years now, the Deauville Green Awards have taken action to bring committed audiovisual creation to a wider audience.

    The festival organizes public screenings in the presence of production teams and scientific experts in Deauville, but also in schools and high schools throughout Normandy, during the year.

    At the same time, the festival is putting the spotlight on the young generation of committed filmmakers and video artists through two competitions:

    > Young Norman Video Competition: a competition of mini-films dedicated to social networks for Norman creators from 12 to 25 years old, focusing on their view of ecological news.

    > Young Creative Awards competition: an international competition for filmmakers under 30 years old who are activists for ecology, gathering 500 films each year.

    How many sections does the festival have -competition and out of competition


    Other non-cinematographic activities of the festival: panels, conferences, etc.

    Through the screening of the 100 finalist films of the annual competition in the presence of the teams, numerous workshops and expert round tables, the festival inspires and gives the tools to scientists and makers as well as producers, broadcasters and advertisers to speak with sincerity about the environmental and societal issues we are facing.

    In the Innovation marketplace, festival-goers can meet audiovisual and sustainable development exhibitors who share innovative and eco-responsible shooting, post-production and digital solutions.

    The festival is the meeting place for the advertising, corporate communication, fiction and documentary communities that are committed to social and ecological responsibility.

    Between producers, advertisers and broadcasters, more than 400 professionals from these worlds meet in Deauville each year: ADEME, BBC, Canal +, FranceTV, UN, Orange, SNCF, Véolia, WWF, ZDF, etc.

    Tailor-made appointments, cocktails and evening meetings are organized to facilitate meetings with your prospects, service providers and future employees.

    Also, each year, the pitch sessions allow the curation and the birth of collaborations around committed and original film projects, pre-selected by the festival.

    The professional press is mobilized on the event, with dozens of journalists attending: l’ADN, BBC, CB News, France Télévisions, Influencia, Ouest France, Stratégies, Mouvement UP, Ushuaia TV, ZDF, etc.

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    In how many cities does the festival happen?


    How many films have been programmed in all the festival throughout all its editions?


    In how many venues does the festival take place? How many private vs public.

    The festival take place in 3 venues of which 1 public.

    How many screenings are held during the festival and how many during the Tour.

    We have 100 screening held during the festival and 20 during the Tour.

    Festival Dates

    Festival start date

    June 15, 2021

    Next open call date (from)

    December 1, 2020

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    April 1, 2021