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Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary

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Petra Holzer – petra@bifed.org

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Programmer: Petra Holzer



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Awards of the last edition (award-winning films) film, country, director

Fethi Kayaalp Grand Award: Arica, Lars Edman & William Johansson, Sweden / Chile / Belgium / Norway / UK, 97’ 2020

Madam Melpo Award: Nothing but the Sun, Arami Ullón, Paraguay / Switzerland / Argentina, 75’ 2020

Third Award: To Calm the Pig Inside, Joana Vazquez Arong, Philippines, 18’, 2020

GAIA Student Award: Human VS Elephant, Ahmad Fahmi Nur Khafifi, Indonesia, 25’, 2020

Categories and genres
  • International Competition
  • Gaia Student Award
  • Panorama
  • Special Screening
  • Anke Atamer Children’s Program
How many sections does the festival have -competition and out of competition


Other non-cinematographic activities of the festival: panels, conferences, etc.
  • Exhibition
  • Children’s Activities (banner workshop, crafts workshops, game workshops, film reading and poster workshop)
  • Workshops about food production
  • Traditional seeds
  • Fermentation of food
  • Crafts workshops
  • Masterclass
  • Panels
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Does the festival have a market or industry activities?
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How many prizes or competitive sections does the festival have?


In how many cities does the festival happen?


How many films have been programmed in all the festival throughout all its editions?


In how many venues does the festival take place? How many private vs public.


How many screenings are held during the festival and how many during the Tour.


Festival Dates

Festival Dates

October 13, 2021

Next open call date (from)

February 7, 2022

Next open call date (to)

May 1, 2021

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General contact email

Festival short description

We organize this festival in order to create a new reason to produce and introduce films and any other work of art that concentrate on the world’s problems and riches, and to pioneer the creation of a free platform and reward these works. We live in an era where too much information, and input that cannot be considered as information flow at a disconcertingly rapid pace in every plausible channel. We organize this festival so that we could all seek what is more local and smaller, and more importantly the one that is true and genuine together. The ecological problems are increasing and becoming more and more varied; however, we also witness hope-inspiring developments. We organize this festival in order to create a platform that nurtures this hope. We hope that through our festival, the residents of Bozcaada, farmers, producers, scientists, artists, and all our guests will be informed about the current technological developments, environmental disasters and innovations, the most recent documentary techniques and also about each other’s existence. We hope that our festival will contribute to nurture solidarity.

Categories and genres

International Competition Gaia Student Award Panorama Special Screening Anke Atamer Children's Program