International Green Culture Festival GREEN FEST


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Festival's Basic Information

Festival name

International Green Culture Festival GREEN FEST

Festival's short name

Belgrade Green Fest

Foundation year


General contact email

Name and contact of the Director or organizers max. 3 persons.

Director: Ivana Jovčić

Name of the programmer(s)

Program Director: Vladan Šćekić





ZIP Code


Awards of the last edition (award-winning films) film, country, director

Audience Award for the Best Feature Film: Great Green Wall | Great Britain | Jared P. Scott

The Best Short Film: Glass Ceiling | France | Mathilde Fénétrier, François Revouy

The Best Southeast European Film: We Want Our Future | Turkey | Atom Saskal

The Best Nature Film: Supernature | France | Frédéric Planchenault

The Best Animated Film: Welcome To The Sixtinction | Italy | Chiara Cant

The Best Youth Film: Iceberg Nations | Spain | Fernando Martín Borlán


Special Mention for Creative Approach: Finding Beauty in Garbage | India | Satyakam Dutta

Special Mention for Extraordinary Insight in the life of the Red Cangaroos: Wild Australia – Desert of the Red Cangaroo | Germany | Jens Westphalen, Thoralf Grospitz

Special Mention for Extraordinary Scientific Approach: Mosquito Metamorphosis | USA | Cella Wright

Categories and genres
  • Documentaries
  • Feature
  • Nature
  • Animated
  • Short
  • Youth.
How many screenings do you have in extra activities in addition to the festival?


How many sections does the festival have -competition and out of competition


Other non-cinematographic activities of the festival: panels, conferences, etc.
  • Panels
  • Lectures
  • Exhibition program
  • Bazaar
Does the festival have an educational section/activities?


Does the festival have a market or industry activities?


Average of short films during the festival


Average of feature films during the festival


Average of documentaries during the festival


Average of animation films during the festival


How many prizes or competitive sections does the festival have?


In how many cities does the festival happen?


How many films have been programmed in all the festival throughout all its editions?


In how many venues does the festival take place? How many private vs public.


How many screenings are held during the festival and how many during the Tour.

Around 50

Festival Dates

Festival start date

October 12, 2020

Next open call date (from)

December 15, 2020

Next open call date (to)

March 15, 2021